April 1, 2024

The main differences between GHL and SMS-iT CRM

SMS-iT CRM and GHL are both CRM solutions with distinct differences in focus and feature offerings. While GHL is an all-in-one CRM without a specific communication focus, SMS-iT CRM stands out as a semi-sentient communication-focused platform tailored for sales and marketing activities. Although all features available in GHL are also present in SMS-iT CRM, the latter offers more robust and sophisticated versions of overlapping features. Moreover, SMS-iT CRM boasts a plethora of unique capabilities such as fax, AI persona creation, smart analytics, and advanced automation tools like Smart Power Dialer and AI-driven recommendations. Additionally, SMS-iT CRM provides integrations with emerging technologies like the metaverse, blockchain, and IoT, setting it apart as a comprehensive solution for modern sales and marketing needs.

The main differences between GHL and SMS-iT CRM are as follows:

  1. Focus: SMS-iT CRM is a semi-sentient communication-focused CRM tailored for Sales and Marketing, whereas GHL is an all-in-one CRM that is not communication-focused.
  2. Robustness and Sophistication: While all features in GHL are available in SMS-iT CRM, the features that overlap between the two platforms are more robust and sophisticated in SMS-iT CRM.
  3. Unique Features: SMS-iT CRM offers several unique features not found in GHL, including:
  • Fax capability
  • Creation of AI personas
  • AI capabilities without training
  • Smart AI that remembers prior messages
  • Bulk calling, texting, and email with Smart Power Dialer & Customer Connect
  • Smart analytics
  • 28+ decentralized gateways
  • SIM card integration capabilities
  • Email verification and warming
  • Tag-iT functionality
  • Link tracking with automation
  • AI recommendations
  • Connect – Smart Video Conferencing
  • Smart scrapper
  • Q&A SMS bots
  • 13+ other smart tools
  • 30+ social media integrations
  • E-Commerce Suite
  • Multi-line power dialer
  • Tracks functionality
  • Metaverse integration
  • Blockchain integration
  • IoT integration
  • Geo-targeting
  1. Partial Features: GHL offers partial features in certain areas such as workflow automation, funnels, call tracking, appointments & bookings, and web sign-up widget compared to SMS-iT CRM.

The key advantages of choosing SMS-iT over GHL are:

  1. Simcard Integration: Users in the USA are relieved from A2P or 10DLC registration requirements, and all users can reduce costs to just their simcard subscription.
  2. Multiple Gateway Options: Access to gateways beyond Twilio, particularly Telynx, offers identical capabilities at a 50% lower cost without needing 10DLC or A2P registration to get started.
  3. Cost-effective AI System: Our AI system is competitively priced, with no additional charges beyond what OpenAI requires.
  4. Extensive Social Network Integration: Integration with over 22 social networks, including WhatsApp gateway, without additional charges or reliance on the WhatsApp API.
  5. Range of Smart Tools: Offering various smart tools to enhance user experience.
  6. Robust Features: Features such as the Appointment and Pipeline features are highly reliable and fully automated.

Overall, SMS-iT CRM offers a more specialized and comprehensive solution for communication-focused sales and marketing activities, with a range of advanced features not available in GHL.

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